Benefits for registered customers

Why create an account in EEDASI? 

-You get automatic discounts based on your own purchase history

-free shipping for orders over €500

-You will see product discounts that are only available to those who have created an account 

(please remember to be logged in when browsing our selection to see the offers, the offers are valid for the time being only one day at a time, or sometimes as long as the product is available)

-You are entitled to use the discount codes we offer

-You automatically participate in the raffles

NOTE, Our lovely customers!

Here we announce discount codes, it's worth checking before ordering! we do not attach an offer to your order afterwards!

  • The code is only available to our Registered customers
  • Doesn't work when making a new customer account /order! (this is how we want to offer "old" customers a thanks, however, it is worth registering so that the following code is available to you)
  • if the code is one-time use, we will inform you about it separately, otherwise the code will be valid for the entire stated time, which means you can place several orders and take advantage of the offer!
  • Remember to be logged in for the code to work!!!
  • please contact us if something left you wondering!!!!

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