The stand shown in the description/ to help you figure out the actual size of the product

A blue jewelry stand is visible in several pictures.

Attached are its dimensions, which you can also use to compare the real size of the jewelry. As an addition, there is also a 1€ coin, which will hopefully help.

Measurements & Condition

  • dimensions are given either in millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm)
  • the measure is width x height, for one measure we mean the diameter of the productIn the weight, we always indicate the tenths of a gram in gold jewelry and in products under 10g.
  • For products over ten grams, rounding to the nearest even gram (10.4g = 10g)
  • The weight of the product is ALWAYS the total weight of the item on sale, e.g. a pair of earrings or a pendant + chain, etc.
  • The weight has NOT been reduced by stones or anything else.
  • Good condition means that there is nothing to criticize about the jewelry, Very Good means like new.
  • We describe the jewelry individually, with few exceptions, in which case the product is in like new condition and completely identical to each other.
  • We will always inform you if there is something to be clearly noted about the jewelry, e.g. an engraving, an error in the stone or the chain is NOT original, etc.